A Paver Stone for Each Style


Paver stone – Under the motto “a stone for each style” Nielsen offers a comprehensive range of pavers for every style: classical, modern, presbytery or contemporary homes. All this in over 100 colors and seven sizes. The Nielsen pavers are suitable for traditional paver work as modern techniques such as gluing or paver lying with thin-bed mortar.

Handmade pavers are paver stone with a unique shape and color. Previously, hand-molded pavers were actually shaped by hand, but today they are manufactured with the most modern equipment. The oldest method, hand molding technique, the amount of clay in a wooden mold is rolled which is first sprinkled with sand. The upper side is wiped dry, and covered with a steel plate. Then the mold is reversed and the unbaked paver from the mold. The modern production process mimics the actions and methods of the former paver makers after.

These paver stones offer the ideal alternative to recuperatiestenen. Outdated paver stone are suitable for any bouwstijl (presbytery, contemporary, classic and hoevestijl) and often offer the best solution to your home or project in an aesthetic way to renovate. Thanks to this technique, there can also be made larger formats.

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