Backyard Pergola Design


Backyard pergola – Designing a shady courtyard is a good way to create not only an attractive place to spend summer evenings, but also to substantially reduce the cost of home air conditioning. The large shade trees can take several years to grow to maturity, so get on the ground as soon as possible is ideal. You also have other ways to create shade in your garden you can start reaping the benefits immediately.

Backyard pergola, taking care of existing shade trees or planting new ones that allow them to settle should be the first steps in creating a shaded patio. Hardwood trees like maple and oak can have tens of years to grow to the height of the shade support. Pine and fir trees can reach that point before, but be careful because these trees lose their needles acidify the soil and kill your lawn.

Backyard pergola trellis walkways built on each side with a cross beams overhead covered. Pergolas are normally used as trellises with ivy and other climbing plants such as roses and grapes. A pergola is a good way to quickly create shade for your backyard as you can build the structure for a weekend, and a vine can grow to cover the pergola within a season or two.

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