Build a Concrete for the Garden Bench


Bank by drawing designs on paper or using your computer. For a simple project, it begins with a box shape to avoid intricacies and complicated steps. Build a mold for the bank using melamine based on your design garden bench. Use this material ensures that the finish is smooth. Short melamine using the table saw. To create a rectangular mold, cut two pieces of 28 inches wide. Then cut two big pieces of 28 inches high and 36 wide. Nail the pieces forming a box without a base or lid.

Mark the spot where you are installing the garden bench. Dig a hole about 4 inches deep, 38 inches wide and 14 inches wide. Eliminates waste, weeds and dead roots using a rake. Then, level and compact the soil using a hand tamper. Check all sides of the floor using a level. Place the mold in the hole. Check it is level.

Woods takes two 2 x 4 inches and cut them into pieces that you will use to hold the mold. Cava several small holes where to place them. Use a rubber mallet to insert them into the holes. Nail it to the outside of the mold. This is so that the mold can contain the concrete for bench garden without disarmed.

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