Instructions Build Outdoor Cushion Storage Box


Instructions Build Outdoor Cushion Storage Box – An outdoor cushion storage box can be useful deck furniture if you have lots of pillows that need to be protected from the weather. You can store them inside the outdoor cushion storage box without it yourself patio. You can adjust the size of the box to fit the size of you and the items you plan to store inside it.

Instructions to build outdoor cushion storage box, Cut sixteen pieces of wood to the desired length using a sharp saw. You must create four rectangular frames, each consisting of four pieces of wood for a total of sixteen boards. Use a pocket whole jig to cut the pocket holes in the ends of all the pieces that make up the sides of the box. For each frame, there should be two boards on each side with a pocket hole. Spread wood glue on all surfaces that will meet and use the pocket screws to attach each frame together.

Next steps build outdoor cushion storage box, cut two lengths of timber that will act as cleats in the box and hold the ground rods in place. Cut them into 6 feet and drill them along both sides at the bottom of your frame. Cut enough 3 feet long healed to cover the bottom of your box. Insert them on top cleat they will stay in place, or you can drill them in cleats more support. Cut enough 3-foot pieces of clothing to cover the outside of your box. Them into place using a thin strip of carpenter’s glue and then fixing them with a nail gun. Cover the entire outside of the box with lining pieces. Cut a sheet of wood that is larger than the base of the box on all sides. Place the sheets on top of your box and attach two hinges to the back of the box to hold up to the frame of the box. Lift the lid of the front lip of the access to the contents of your box.

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