Repairing Wicker Patio Furniture Sets


Wicker patio furniture sets – Wicker is a fiber naturally that has a hard outer layer. This material is used to build a number of items such as accessories for the home and furniture inside or outside. Many people who own wicker pieces do not realize that they require regular attention. Because wicker cane was once a living plant, this dries and becomes more vulnerable with time. Wicker pieces used in outdoor suffer very particularly due to its exposure to sunlight, moisture and heat. Regular application of linseed oil will keep your furniture at its best. However, if you have broken parts, damaged or broken, it may be necessary to repair them.

Wicker patio furniture sets locate the broken reeds and cut them at each end with sharp scissors. Apply a bead of wood glue on the basis of the remaining rods to prevent splitting. Let dry well. Fill a large bowl with water. Place in the reeds and sees new wicker rotating them as necessary so that they remain completely submerged. Leave reeds soak for a period of between 30 and 45 minutes.

Remove the water wicker patio furniture sets and checks that are flexible enough to bend back and forth easily. Tape one end of a new cane near the repair area. Hold the rod in place for a few minutes until firm. Weaves new rod to which are retained following the original pattern and if you run out before completing a repair, take another cane and paste it at the end of which was completed with a dot of glue.

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