Special Aluminum Pergola


Pergolas minimalist, romantic aluminum or “arbor type ‘. This type Pergolas are tough, lightweight and have good prices, so they are ideal for enjoying the outdoors. aluminum pergola are lighter than wooden pergolas or steel, therefore easier to install and move. They are resistant to moisture and sun.

Aluminum pergola is fade-resistant, not rot or mold problems are ideal if you want to put plants to cover the pergola. No insect problems that often attack wood. Variety of designs, simple minimalist inspiration pergolas, arbors or rounded arabesque ornaments with geometrical ornaments. Aluminum is resistant but light and views it in the price elegant. Varity can find gazebo pergolas simple for good price or more compact in design and scope for a higher price, yet being as durable pergolas pays the price.

To create a special corner aluminum pergola in your garden, porch or pool. These gazebos have a metal structure painted aluminum, awning and also carries incorporated mosquito nets and curtains ideal for protection from the sun and mosquitoes in summer. The whole can be removed for cleaning. This model of the lower photo is the ‘Granada’ and you have to Leroy by a target price of 399 €.

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