Stylish Composite Patio Furniture


Composite patio furniture – Composite wood, a mixture of recycled wood or plastic formed into pieces that look similar to real wood. Composite wood offers a good alternative to regular wood flooring, which require regular maintenance and is subject to rot and insect infestation. Composite wood is durable, attractive, and easy to maintain. Composite wood is available in a variety of colors with raining much like real wood.

One of the advantages of composite wood is that it is often made from recycled plastic milk jugs, butter tubs and other everyday objects. This enables a second use of this material, which would normally end up in landfills. Composite patio furniture wood is also resistant to stains better than real wood. It is easily washed with a garden hose and water, and stubborn stains of tree sap or dirt can be scrubbed with a stiff brush. Composite wood decks not require annual staining and sealing the wood just needs. To make composite wood, recycled plastic is cut into small pieces. However, the amount of recycled plastic composite wood can vary greatly from virgin plastic without recycled material quite fully recycled plastic. Wood-based materials, either virgin or recycled, also cut into small pieces and added to the plastic.

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Color Choices composite patio furniture, Choices in color from wood composite material varies by manufacturer. Some limit the choices for white, brown and gray, while others offer a range of more subtle tones wood-like, such as redwood, teak and pine. Realistic wood tones are probably higher in price.

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